Anatomy of a Boyfriend

Anatomy of a Boyfriend - Daria Snadowsky (As reviewed on Paper Riot.)I flipped the final page of Anatomy of a Boyfriend just few minutes ago and my first thought was that it was the most refreshing and real contemporary YA book I've ever read. The second was that it was also one of the funniest. I had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. (This coming from someone who rarely laughs at books. I'm more likely to cry than laugh.) With an exceptionally honest main character, a hilariously blunt best friend, and a lot of detailed first times, Anatomy of a Boyfriend was more open than I've come to expect from YA books. Maybe this is why I liked it so much. Daria Snadowsky managed to paint a very realistic picture of what it's like to be a teenager, and I admire her for that.Dom is a senior in high school and has always been too busy with school to really notice boys. Until Wes walks into her life and takes over her thoughts. Suddenly Dom wants to share all these new things with Wes, from her first kiss to her first time, and she enters a whole new world. I don't always like it when sex is a big part of the plot, but it worked perfectly in this case. This was probably because of the way Snadowsky portrayed it. Sex in this book is not romanticized. It's not perfect. For Dom and Wes, it's mostly uncomfortable and painful. Honestly, I've never read a book that describes these first times quite in the way Snadowsky did, and I loved it.While I wasn't the biggest fan of the characters, except for Amy, I did enjoy following their thoughts and changes throughout the story. Starting senior year of high school and finishing first year at college, this is obviously a crucial time in Dom's life and changes are inevitable. I think the author did a good job describing these changes, since they all felt really natural to me. It's also a plus for me that the amount of girl backstabbing was pretty much absent. Dom and Amy's friendship was one of my favorite things about this book, and Amy, with her close to vulgar language and brutal honesty, quickly became my favorite character of them all. Loyal best friends FTW!All in all, Anatomy of a Boyfriend is an interesting novel that crosses the line between YA and NA in a very realistic way. I enjoyed following the characters from high school to college, and all the changes that came along with this. With refreshing and witty honesty, Snadowsky did a great job with this book and its characters. Writing from a high school student's perspective doesn't always work, but in this case, it definitely did. I could have used this book in high school! Maybe I wouldn't have felt so awkward all the times, haha. If you like realistic fiction and brutal honesty, you definitely have to check out this book. Like Racquel said, it's like Awkward in book form!