My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot)Do you know that certain book that makes you feel all warm and giddy? That book you read with a smile so big you're afraid your face might actually explode? That book that makes you swoon and long for cool drinks and warm summer nights? My Life Next Door was definitely that book.I'm not sure what I was expecting going into this story, perhaps a more Romeo and Juliette thing going on, but oh my. Whatever it was I was or wasn't expecting, this book topped that. My Life Next Door is summer romance at it's best: light but with the occasional dramarama and intense moments. I was hooked from the very first chapter, and that's not even an overstatement.I'm usually not a big fan of the whole love at first sight thing, and Sam and Jase have a bit of that going on (despite the fact that Sam's been watching the Garretts for years). But there wasn't a single moment where it annoyed me. Through the distance of Sam's family and the craziness of Jase's family, I love Sam and Jase's connection more than anything. The way they fell in love with each other felt so pure, so raw, so undescribably real. I love how their relationship grew, and Huntley Fitzpatrick captured it perfectly.Though I did have a few issues towards the end (which felt a bit rushed), the many wonderful characters definitely made up for that. Samantha was someone I could easily relate to, and Jase is just adorable. Damn it, I thought I was starting to develop a thing for bad boys in books, but it turns out the good ones are even better! (If you know where to find Jase, please bring him to me! I want him in my life.) But despite the amazing main characters, the side characters probably stood out the most.Where Sam fell in love with Jase, I fell in love with all of the Garretts (including Jase! Ha.). If there has ever been any fictional family I'd want to be real, it would definitely be this one. Fitzpatrick did a splendid job making you feel part of their family and rooting for them in every way possible. I felt like I belonged with them, and each and every one of them was memorable and came to life.If anything, this book made me want to move in with the Garretts and answer all George's crazy questions (that little one is CUTE!) and watch Jake Gyllenhaal movies with Andy and oh, I wouldn't mind some Jase in my life. The dynamics of this family are just bound to leave you smiling all the way through. I know I was. Tim was another (unexpected) favorite. The way his story connected with the Garretts, reconnected with Samantha, and the progress he made as a character were surprising and heart-warming.Though I think Fitzpatrick described the dramatic parts very well, for me, they didn't live up to the amazing romance and characters. I would have liked a little more out of the ending, because it felt a bit abrupt to me. I was definitely more intrigued by the romance and family aspects than the dramatic side of thise story. But I loved this book. Loved it. Be prepared to have your heart warmed and your day brightened (and your ovaries exploding).