The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer  - Michelle Hodkin (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot.)First reaction: I HAVE DIED. GOODBYE. I WILL SEE YOU WHEN I READ THE SEQUEL. DEWFIODFJPWESOIFJSD.Actual review:Dear friends,I promise you, right now, that at whatever time in the future you tell me "Put everything down and read this book!" that I will. I also promise that I will no longer let myself be skeptical towards books that have received a massive fandom, because - in one way or another - those books usually deserve to have a fandom that big. And I promise you that I will try to keep this review as coherent as possible, though I'm about 98 percent certain that I will fail to keep that promise.I have tried writing this review more times than I care to count. But every draft I wrote either ended or started with this sentence: this book has ruined me. And though I love to write and I love writing reviews, I'm at loss for words when it comes to this book. I don't know what exactly drew me in, or what exactly kept me flipping through the pages as if my life depended on it. All I know is that it was utterly fascinating from the very first chapter, a fascination that didn't end when I closed the book after the last page.Okay, time to get a little more down to earth. (That's what the Dutch are known for, after all, and I've spend enough time failing my inheritance.) I don't know in which category this book fits perfectly. It's contemporary, but with enough paranormal twists to leave me with only one way to label this book: unique. It was dark, it was light, it broke my heart, it made me swoon, it blew my mind. (Seriously, sorry for my fangirling, but I. Have. No. Words.) What drew me in from the beginning was Michelle Hodkin's writing. Not only was it fast-paced and easy to read, but it somehow complemented the concept perfectly. The constant alternation of happy moments and some seriously creepy things was done almost flawlessly, and I never knew what to expect when I started a new chapter.But despite the unique concept, despite the unpredictable plot, the thing I loved most about this book was how effortless it was for me to connect with the characters. Somehow, I believed all of them. Mara's thoughts are described so clearly that I formed my vision of her right in those very first lines, and never deflected from that opinion. I also loved her family dynamics, and found them to be very realistic. And obviously, we have Noah Shaw.Yes, his name is enough. If you've read this book, you will understand.To say that a book is perfect is a bold statement that so far, I've only reserved for Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and everything John Green. But this book is definitely outstanding. Michelle Hodkins has a way of creating a memorable story, and I'm nothing if not impressed with her storytelling. So if you have not read this book, trust me when I say: "Put everything down and read it now!" You won't be disappointed.