Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2)

Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2) - 2.5 starsView full review here!Note: This book is part of a series. Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers from the previous book(s). If you have not read the previous book(s) and intend to do so, I suggest that you do not read this review.As you might've guessed from the Reached widget to your right, I'm pretty excited about these series. I like Matched A LOT. I have read it multiple times, so when Crossed came out a year ago I VERY much wanted to read it IMMEDIATELY. I was home sick at the time, but I got my dad to get it for me at the bookstore. That's how excited I was. Unfortunately, Crossed didn't quite give me what I wanted.The story takes on where Matched leaves off: with Cassia in the Outer Provinces, looking for Ky, who, in his turn, has escaped the Society's grip and fled into the canyons. Cassia follows the trail he left, but that is more difficult (and dangerous) than she expected.First things first: I felt the start was slow-paced. Actually, the whole book was, but definitely at the start. And even more so than Matched, which could be a bit slow at times, but still intrigued me because I wanted to know more about the world Cassia lives in. I didn't mind that the story wasn't quick and action-packed like some other dystopian novels I've read. It was mysterious and new and multi-layered and it just captivated me. Crossed didn't do that for me. Especially during the first half of the book my mind kept wandering off, I never had any difficulty putting it down, and it just really took me a while to get into the story.Matched left me with the feeling that is best described as omfgfsaopfdjsiopdjfsawhatishappening. I really wanted to know what would happen to Cassia and Ky and if they would manage to stay together while being under the Society's constant watch. In Matched, the Society seemed creepy and mysterious and unpredictable to me. In Crossed, it bothered me how little we actually know about it. I know the Society is all mysterious and secretive, but now I want to know where it came from. Who formed the Society? Who rules it?Towards the end the story was a bit faster and far more exciting than in the beginning, but at the ending I found myself at the EXACT point where I was left off at the end of Matched. Again, what's happening to these characters?! Why does the Society still control everything? It felt like I was left with even more questions than at the end of Matched.Now talk about what I did like about this book: KY! Where Matched was only told from Cassia's perspective, but that changes in Crossed. The perspective changes between Cassia and Ky. I don't always like this in a book, but now I did very much. If I'm being honest (and I am) it might've even saved the story for me. I find Ky extremely fascinating compared to Cassia. I loved getting to know more of his background story. In fact, I think he's more intriguing than Cassia ever was. Even Indie, who I hated at times, has more to offer than Cassia does. (Don't get me wrong: Cassia is a nice character, but I prefer characters that are more... intense.)Overall, if you haven't read these series, they're definitely worth your attention. I'm loving the idea of the covers representing the green, the blue and the red pills, and how each of them has its importance in the books (though I only figured that out after I read Crossed, because it wasn't that obvious in Matched). And I'm curious about Xander's story in Reached, glad he also gets to explain his story. Because if there's one thing that Crossed made me curious about, it was Xander. What is he hiding? Yes, more questions.This review is all over the place, and I want you to know that I still liked Crossed. But I wanted to love it, and it disappointed me instead. Ally Condie is an amazing writer. I love her vivid descriptions and poetic words. Crossed didn't do it for me, but I'm still excited to buy Reached when it comes out (41 days to go!) because this story needs an ending! I want to know WHAT HAPPENS!