Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout (As reviewed on my blog, Paper Riot.)This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite comfort reads. I really enjoyed Obsidian when I read it a few months ago, and I was convinced I would enjoy Onyx just the same. After having heard a lot about Armentrout's writing, I had a feeling her books are all quite similar - and equally enjoyable. And with witty dialogue, likeable characters (most of them, anyway), sexual tension that makes you beg for a glass of cold water and enough edge-of-the-seat action, Onyx didn't disappoint. Did I like it as much as Obsidian? No. Some of the issues I had while reading book one only became bigger problems for me. But I enjoyed still very much enjoyed it.Katy is still a pretty great character, though she doesn't make a lot of great decisions in this book. I do like that she still does whatever she wants, though, and doesn't let a certain guy make all her decisions for her. Eff yeah girlpower. Or maybe it's just stubbornness. Either way, I like her. Her relationship with Daemon goes through all kinds of crazy in this book, but I like them so much together - the bickering just as much as the quiet times. Daemon is kind of the shining star of this book, especially when he starts calling Blake names. I was legit laughing out loud at that. I was a little sad that Dee wasn't around as much, since she's my favorite. But hey. Her bubbly personality still made her stand out for me.Now I know that I was asking - practically begging - for more alien stuff in Obsidian. So maybe it makes me sound like a hypocrite that the thing I didn't like in this book was the alien stuff. Well, I liked some of it. I liked that we got to know more about Dawson/Bethany's disappearance, and I liked learning more about the Luxen in general. But whatever was going on with Katy because of this - that really wasn't for me. Sometimes I like it best when things stay normal. Katy being a book blogger added absolutely nothing for me either, and I straight out hated Blake, and mostly what his presence meant for whatever happened to Katy. But that may be a personal thing. Or maybe I am becoming more like Daemon.Anyway, despite my issues, I really enjoyed this book. I liked the explosiveness (couldn't help myself) of Katy and Daemon's relationship, but I also like that this book shows that there is more to them than just chemistry and sexual tension. I can't wait to see how this develops in Opal, and I'm looking forward to continuing this series.