Unravel Me

Unravel Me - (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot.)After months and months of waiting and re-reading all the beautiful quotes and getting worked up over the love triangle because why do people like Warner why why why - I finally got my copy of Unravel Me. I was so glad to get back into this world, back to Omega Point and Sector 45 and Adam and Kenji, but mostly, back into Juliette's head. Because if there's anything that made Shatter Me stand out, it's this broken, misunderstood, abused, neglected girl who has been isolated for so long that she is left with nothing but beautiful, beautiful words.True, Juliette was getting on my nerves a bit in Unravel Me. At times I just wanted to shake the emotions out of her, make her stop seeing the world as a hostile place that holds a grudge against her and her only. But I didn't have time to do that, because thank Tahereh Mafi for bringing Kenji into our lives. Kenji, who is my new favorite character, who doesn't hold back just to spare people, whose lines made me laugh so hard at times. Kenji, who made sure that Juliette grew to be more than herself, more than the neglected little girl with a lethal touch.Juliette isn't the only character who struggles in Unravel Me. They all did. My heart aches for Adam, poor, poor Adam, who has so much love for Juliette and is, in a way, just as broken as she is. Mafi sure has a way of creating broken characters, and she doesn't hold back to make them suffer some more. And though I'm still not a fan of Warner and I will be VERY unhappy if he and Juliette end up together, this book did make me see him in a new light. (Let's face it: chapter sixty two was hot. I just ignored the Warner part.) I felt sorry for him. I did. That doesn't mean I am suddenly on his side.Back to the thing I love most about these books and what makes them so outstanding, so unique in every way: Mafi's prose. In my review of Shatter Me I described it like this: "The lyrical prose is enchanting, the crossed out parts intriguing, the metaphors captivating and extremely vivid, all giving a very clear image of Juliette's mind. I wanted to read every sentence carefully, take in every word." I still agree with everything I wrote back then. If you like books that are action-packed and plot-driven, I'm not sure you will appreciate this writing style. But I do. I love it oh so much. Tahereh Mafi, your words are beautiful.Unravel Me absorbed me. It bursted with passion and made me laugh and feel love and hate and admiration and annoyance and the urge to puke and feel oh so sorry for each and every one of these characters. It was raw and emotional and gorgeous. There were plot twists that were insane and ones that I didn't see coming at all that they made me laugh very hard. (Page 246, anyone?) Since this book centers around Warner in such a big way, it wasn't as close to my heart as Shatter Me was. And though I love Juliette and Adam and Kenji, this caused me to be a little more distant than I was before.As beautiful as it was, I didn't love it as much as the first book. But whether you are team Adam or team Warner or team Kenji or team Whatever, you will not be disappointed by the passion in this book. Hell, I'm 100% sure that book 3 should consist of kissing scenes only.