The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies Series #2)

The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore 4 starsView full review here!Note: This book is part of a series. Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers from the previous book(s). If you have not read the previous book(s) and intend to do so, I suggest that you do not read this review.I haven't read many series where I liked the second book better than the first (besides maybe with The Hunger Games, though that's a close call), but there was no doubt about this one: THE POWER OF SIX is much more action-packed, intense, mysterious and overall enjoyable than I Am Number Four.I started to read this book pretty much at the same time I finished the first one, because I was really curious what would happen to John and Sarah and Sam... and then the first chapter started with Marina, who is number seven, and lives in a little village in Spain. Which was SO DIFFERENT. Unlike John Smith, I instantly liked Marina. From the very first chapter it's clear that she is a very determined and fierce character, and I do love kick-ass heroines.The change in setting took me some getting used to, but only because I'd just finished I Am Number Four and this seemed like another book entirely. But once I got over the fact that we wouldn't be seeing John Smith any time soon - BOOM - there he was again. THE POWER OF SIX is told from alternating points of view, which nobody'd warned me about. We hear Marina's story, but also John's, which starts right where I Am Number Four left off. After what happened in Paradise, John, Six and Sam are on the run not only from the Mogs, but also the FBI. Immediately and unlike in I Am Number Four, there's loads of action scenes and exciting moments, which made this book better than the first one from the very first line.I love it when characters are on the run/being chased/in constant danger (which is why I always adored the Percy Jackson series) and John's story gave me just that.I was, however, a little disappointed that Sarah was nowhere to be found. I honestly liked the relationship in the first book, and I wanted it to develop in THE POWER OF SIX, but no. No Sarah. Instead, we got a sort-of love triangle thingy. Which is a big NO for me.First, I just don't like love triangles anymore (though I quite enjoyed Twilight a few years ago: thanks Stephenie Meyer!). Second, if you really do want to add a love triangle to the story, make it a damn good one! I loved John and Sarah. I don't like John and Six. However, Six is still one of my favorite characters. She's just so damn badass. (And cool. And hilarious.)Where John's story is an instant rollercoaster, Marina's story started off a little slow: every single day is pretty much the same. But because I liked her so much, I didn't mind. I thought it was really interesting to see the difference between her life and John's: Marina's was definitely not as 'easy'. Her cêpan (which is something like a protector) has sort of given up on her and she has to figure everything out on her own. She lives in an orphanage (how suitable), which, by the way, I always love in books. (Same thing goes for boarding schools.) But even though she has no guide, Marina is determined enough to discover her legacies and try to locate her inheritance on her own. I did love the relationship between Marina and her cêpan: it's so different from John and Henri's, but still so understandable and realistic.The alternating views made for enough twists and turns to constantly surprise me. Yes, some were expected, but the story develops at such a rapid speed that I actually tried to slow down to make sense of it all. I enjoyed how my questions from the first book were answered, but also creates new ones as the story developed. I also loved how it was more rough than I am Number Four. The betrayal, love and sacrifice elements were all over the place. Yes, the story was still flawed and still a little slow sometimes, but I really enjoyed it!And OHHHH the ending! There were things I saw coming, but I still have enough questions waiting to be answered in The Rise of Nine. Now that I think of it: why haven't I read that one yet?!Memorable quotes"You guys are ridiculous. Your flirting just scared the hell out of me.""I still like the name Six. Maren Elizabeth was when I was a different person, and right now Six just feels right. It can be short for something if someone asks.""For what? Sixty?""I was just thinking that, out of the four of us, three are aliens, two are fugitives with terrorist ties, and not a single one of us has a valid driver's licence. Something tells me things might get interesting."