Anatomy of a Single Girl

Anatomy of a Single Girl - Daria Snadowsky (As reviewed on Paper Riot.)In Anatomy of a Boyfriend, we followed Dom through her first boyfriend, first kiss, first time, and first break-up. This time, we see what comes after that. While these books are technically similar, I found the overall tone quite different. Because where the first book was a crossover between YA and NA, I would consider Anatomy of a Single Girl a New Adult book only. And can I just say: NA authors, take notes from Daria Snadowsky! To be fair, I haven't read many NA books, but the ones I have read all seemed to focus on the same thing. Snadowsky does that too, but with a refreshing amount of lightness and humor that so often seems to be missing for me in NA.Of course, there are issues. Dom is struggling with the difference between her college life and her home life. Especially the relationship with her parents changes, and this is something I can very much relate to myself. Things with best friend Amy aren't exactly smooth. And then there is the fact that she wants to commit to someone so badly, but is that really all there is? As a main character, Dom is just a regular girl, and thank goodness for that. As much as I love kick-butt female characters, I think it's important that this book is just about a normal girl. And she's still fun and quirky and just herself (when it comes to safe sex, for example). After reading both Anatomy of a Boyfriend and Anatomy of a Single Girl I can say that I'm truly happy these books exist. I don't think that sex is a necessary thing in YA books and I hate when it's used for nothing other than just being there, but it worked really well in these books and I think that a lot of teenagers are relieved to see that it isn't all rose petals and candles. Snadowsky gives an example of a (normal) teenage girl exploring her sexuality in a more open way than I am used to reading about, and this makes these companion novels stand out. Snadowsky's writing is wonderfully realistic, and if she ever decides to write another book about Dom, I will definitely read it.