The Lover's Dictionary

The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot.)memorable, a.Let me start by saying this is a gorgeous story. The Lover's Dictionary is a work of art, a love story told through a dictionary, by David Levithan. Needless to say that the lay-out and concept make this story unique in every way possible. And even though we only see snippets of two strangers' lives, it didn't make me feel any less connected to these two strangers than any "normal" book would. In fact, it made their journey more special, and definitely one I will remember for a long time.unexpected, a.I found The Lover's Dictionary in the YA section of my library, so I don't think you can blame me for expecting a mushy gushy love story. However, from the first page on it was clear to me that this wasn't going to be what I expected. Instead of a cutesy story about two teenagers falling in love, we get a story about two (not that old, but still) adults who meet each other online and have a realistic, mature relationship, all hopeless, sad moments included. And I agree that this made the book very realistic. But adult books also tend to make me feel a little depressed, much like the characters in the stories are.poetry, n.This is not a book and David Levithan is not a writer. This is a creation and he is a poet, a creator of sentences, a gifted storyteller. His words make me feel like I'm swimming in a sea of poetry and his books give me all the feels, always. This book, despite the fact that it made me feel a little depressed at points, is one of a kind. And yes, it's a matter of preferance that I didn't rate this book as "over the moon and higher". But it deserves to be said that it is the kind of book that would deserve such a rating.