MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - (As reviewed on my blog, Paper Riot.)First thoughtsI liked it, but Hunter needs to go. IMMEDIATELY. More thoughtsMila 2.0: the book the entire book blogging world was looking forward to. I mean, a teenage girl who finds out she is actually a robot? GIMME. I really couldn't wait to get my hands on it, because I love sci-fi and on the run books. And I have to admit: I was not let down completely. Filled with fight scenes and government conspiracies, action and mystery, this book was a fun and thrilling ride for the most part. But there were two sides to Mila 2.0: the side that I wanted to hug and the side that I wanted to stab. And where I really liked the action-packed story about a girl who is actually a robot, the romance kept me from truly loving this book.Let's start with the good stuff: I liked Mila as a character. She made some poor decisions considering the romance, but I assume that finding out you are actually an android and that all your memories are fake sort of does that to a robot person. Mila went through a bit of an identity crisis in this story. But the way she came to terms with being an android was nicely developed and really well done. However, I wish we had spent a little more time getting to know Mila before all the action started. With only a month worth of memories, I understand that Mila didn't know herself that well either, but more time with her would have probably made me feel more connected to her.I also liked the connection she had with her mother, since I love a good mother-daughter bond. Even though, you know, as Mila put it: "I was more genetically related to our toaster than I was to her". I did want more answers considering her mother's life, since I feel like the book lacked a little background information on both her and Mila's past. The lack of answers in combination with the brave but quite shocking ending seemed a bit off for me. But I hope the sequel will give me enough answers to all the questions I have. And thanks to the amount of action and plot twists, I was never annoyed or bored with this while reading. It wasn't until I sat down to write this review that I realized I needed a little more.Like I said earlier: the romance was not my favorite. In fact, as you can tell from my reading updates, I didn't like it at all, nor do I understand why it was necessary for the story. I don't even know if you can call it romance, because Mila and Hunter had exactly three "real" conversations, after which Mila spent the rest of the book adoring him when he wasn't even around. Maybe this is what happens if you only have a month worth of memories? I'm not sure. I can just say that I very much disliked this part of the story and felt like it was completely out of place and unnecessary. Not every book needs it's romance. Plus I just don't trust someone who is barely there, but is still a prominent character in the story.But overall, Mila 2.0 was just a lot of fun. I'm talking edge of the seat, page turning, no-idea-what-to-expect, exciting fun. And though I didn't get nearly enough answers for my taste, Mila 2.0 truly has a lot of potential to become an excellent series. I really, really enjoyed it and I have high expectations for the sequel.