The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies Series #3) (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies Series #3) (B&N Exclusive Edition) - 4 stars(Full review can be found here!)Note: This book is part of a series. Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers from the previous book(s). If you have not read the previous book(s) and intend to do so, I suggest that you do not read this review.I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. After The Power of Six I couldn't wait to read on. The cliffhanger was killing me! Where I thought I am Number Four was merely pretty good, I loved the second installment! For the first hundred pages I thought The Rise of Nine was going to be even better, but then I sort of lost interested while reading. There were times I couldn't put it down and there were times where I couldn't pick it up.I was disappointed that I had such a hard time finishing, because the plot was really good. There's plenty of action and lots of brilliant scenes. The change in scenery (India, Chicago, New Mexico...) was interesting, and the characters were brilliant as always. There was a lot going on. But despite all the action, I couldn't keep my focus all the way through, especially during the visions John and other Garde members were having. Seriously, after one or two times I get how evil Setrákus Ra is. He pulled the same trick several times throughout the story and whenever there was another vision, I found myself being somewhat annoyed.The changing POVs took me some getting used to. Reading this story from John, Six and Marina's point of view made me feel like starting a new book every single chapter. I'm not usually a fan of changing perspectives, but I'll like it when the stories blend in well enough, which wasn't really the case with this book. It got better towards the end, when the stories were coming together.As for things that I did like about this book: I loved getting to know all the Garde members a little better! Six is still my favorite character (she is probably the most kick-ass person there is) though she lost some of that kick-ass-ness in this book. the warrior we've come to known was only truly visible in the battle scenes (which was too bad because I love that side of her). I liked Four more than in the second book, especially when he and Nine got along better.But towards the end my new-found love for John was ripped away when Sarah came back into view. Now I don't like love triangles, but Four and Six would've been so darn cute together. I could've forgiven Sarah for what she did, IF ONLY WE KNEW. The answer to the major question (did Sarah turn John in?) wasn't enough for me. What really happened in Paradise that night? Hopefully the next book will tell me more about that, because this didn't do it for me. Oh yes, next book. There are going to be SIX Lorien Legacies books.I was very interested in the newly discovered members of the Garde: Nine and Eight! Both of them had a playfulness that lightened the mood, and I needed that! Nine annoyed me at first but I turned out liking him a lot. He may be a self-centered jerk sometimes, but there were enough moments that made clear that this was nothing than brag. And Eight! Now he intrigued me! He might have been my favorite character if we'd gotten to know him better. I also wish the little thing he and Marina had going on had gotten more attention, because it was so cute. Marina was a bit more whiny than in the previous book but I still like her, and I loved Ella.Don't let my review scare you away: this is a good book. It's a great addition to the series and it's as good as The Power of Six. I really loved the plot and the characters, and I do have a bit of a hangover now that I'm finished. However, the pacing and the changing POVs just made me lose attention many times, which disappointed me. I would've probably given it 4.5 stars otherwise. Up until the last few chapters I still thought this was a trilogy, and I was absolutely fine with that. I'm not sure I have enough attention left for three more books.Memorable quotes"Why couldn't you turn into a fireball when we were on the same team!""I know what I'm capable of: I'm a soldier now, a warrior. I am someone to fear, not hunt.""I don't like bullies. No one has a right to take or to hurt just because they can."