Geek Girl

Geek Girl - Holly Smale (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot.)Geek Girl was everything I had expected it to be, but about a million times more adorable. Honestly, if you would look up "adorable" in a dictionary, you would probably find this book. Same goes for "cute", "fluffy" and "funny". But don't let all the fluffiness fool (which according to Harriet, is where the word "geek" comes from. So yes, pun intended) you: there is also some substance and a lesson to be learned. Not to mention the fact that geeks all over the world will be charmed by and be able to relate to Harriet Manners. I definitely was.What made this book stand out for me, was that it could have been a total cliché. If you add all the different parts of this story up you could roll your eyes and move on with your day. But somehow, Smale made it work. Yes, we have the geeky girl, the loyal best friend, the mean girl, the handsome boy, the sudden dream come true... but both the fact that it was hilarious and the brilliant main character made this story worthwile. It's bound to make you feel good. And laugh, a lot.Harriet was a lovely character. She was both quirky and endearing, and I loved being inside her head. At times, I felt like bit like a Harriet Manners myself. (In her words, she has "a tendency to correct people's grammar and tell them random facts they're not interested in". Hi, that's me.) Yes, she talks a lot about these random facts. But instead of coming across as a know-it-all, it suited her. I loved how she described normal things in a geeky way, like:"It takes an interaction of seventy-two different muscles to produce human speech, and right now not a single one of them is working."and:"A human heart is supposed to beat between sixty and ninety times a minute, while resting. A hedgehog's heart beats up to 300 times a minute when standing still. Honestly, I think I might be turning into a hedgehog."I didn't like the other characters as much as I liked Harriet, but all of them were just as unique. And most of them were, in Harriet's words "completely bonkers". (I'm looking at you, Wilbur.) I wasn't a fan of the romance, mostly because I never felt like it was necessary for the story - Harriet was brilliant enough, after all. But for the sake of the targeted age group, I will say it was sweet. I am a fan of Toby, Harriet's stalker, who took his job very seriously and spent most of his time in the bushes outside Harriet's house taking notes of her schedule. Hilarious.The plot was a little predictable, but that didn't make me enjoy it any less. It made me laugh out loud despite being ridiculous at times and made me feel warm inside the entire time. Plus, it provides a great lesson for girls everywhere (no matter what age you are!). I would definitely recommend this book to all younger readers and anyone who needs a light, quick, can't-help-but-smile-while-reading read. Geek Girl is fun, quirky and mostly: adorable.