The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Full review can be found here!This was exactly what I needed! A light, funny, romantic read that I would devour in less than a day. The story is too short for me to ramble on and on about it, so here's what you need to know:Five things that I loved about this book:1. The characters were amazing. I didn't like Hadley instantly, but it turns out she's just in a bad place with her dad getting remarried and her bitterness over the divorce is still in everything she does and feels. I loved how she learns to see things in a new perspective and to accept them, and I could relate to her in many ways. (Probably more than I wanted to.) And Oliver is, besides incredibly cute and insightful, also easy to relate to. They seem to fit together perfectly and truly make each other better.2. The 24 hour time span. It's nice to read a book that for once doesn't describe an entire year, but is a quick and fast-paced story about one very long day instead. It's so well-written that it doesn't take away from the plot and character growth in any way. In fact, it adds to it. There are so many emotionally packed things going on that there is a lot of room to grow for both Hadley and Oliver, which makes this story very realistic.3. No insta love! Yes, it certainly seems to be love at first sight, but I never felt like it was. Though Hadley and Oliver instantly like each other, their relationship is built both progressively and realistically. It's more love after first meeting.4. The heartfelt backstory. Despite this being a cute and fast-paced love story, it also has a lot of heart in it. I loved the shift of focus on Hadley and how she dealt with her parents' divorce and her relationship with both of them. This is more than a love story: it's about a family growing apart and coming together, the loss and seperation of the people you love the most, which is the worst kind of heartbreak. I could relate to it more than I wanted to.5. The pacing is just perfect. I went into this book thinking a 200-paged book wouldn't be enough to make me fall in love with it, but the opposite happened. The fast-paced story drew me right in. And then, when I was halfway through, I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough time with these characters, but I was wrong again. Though I would've loved to read more about Hadley and Oliver (and more and more and more), their story finished at such a good point. I could imagine how they would go from there and know it would be a good journey, and I'm truly satisfied.This book is SO DARN CUTE. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions: fear and joy, love and loss, anger and forgiveness. The romance made me feel all giggly inside and the parts about Hadley's family made me want to cry. I devoured this book in just a couple of hours and I'm sad now that I've finished, though I read the last few pages with a huge grin on my face and still can't seem to wipe it off.