My Name Is Memory

My Name Is Memory - Ann Brashares 2 starsView full review here!I read this book for three reasons: 1) I'm a big fan of history and anything that involves time travel, and 2) romance. Maybe I should've put that one first. Lots of books with romance for me, please. Having said this, naturally, the story of a guy who's in love with a girl--and has been in love with that girl since 552 something... the concept sounds awesome! Oh, I'm almost forgetting the third reason: 3) Ann Brashares wrote it. That was probably my main reason for reading this book. When I was younger I was madly in love with The Sisterhood series. In case you missed it somewhere in this first bit, I was thrilled to read this book.Which was probably where it went wrong. I might've set my hopes too high. My Name Is Memory should've been a 5 star book, full of beautifully constructed settings, interesting 'earlier lives' and one great, all-consuming, true love. Unfortunately, it didn't quite captivate me as much as I hoped it would.Here's what you need to know about the story without revealing too many spoilers: In a world where reincarnation is real, Daniel has 'the memory'. (Which is this really cool thing where you can remember all of your past lives and recognize other souls from those lives. At this point, I could only think of The Butterfly Effect, and I was half waiting for his head to explode, but - minor spoiler - that didn't happen.) Unfortunately, his one true love, Sophia, doesn't. Daniel spends his lives trying to find Sophia and make her fall in love with him again, but they keep being torn apart. In present time, Daniel finds Sophia in the form of Lucy. To finally be together, they must find out what evil force stands in their way.The story is narrated from both Daniel's and Lucy's points of view, which is supposed to make both those characters relatable to the reader. However, both Daniel and Lucy seemed flat to me. The only thing we ever really know about them is their love for each other, which for Daniel, was based on time spent together in previous lifetimes. But for Lucy? She spent most of the book obsessing over Daniel, not in a way as annoying as Bella-from-Twilight, but still. Where's the love in that? I just didn't get her.I also would've liked more of a background for the villain. I understand where his motives come from, but do they make sense? I don't know.Another thing that sort of frustrated me was the plot. I mean, the set-up is there! We could've learned about life in different times in history, different cultures, different places on the world... but the only thing that seemed to matter was the love story, which I usually like, but now felt thin to me, for that was all there was. I did like the descriptions of Daniel's past lives and the sudden leaps in time. They were interesting... but that's all.The present day part was slow. Honestly, I got tired of how Daniel and Lucy spent their time obsessing over each other rather than talking to each other. I missed the overall action, which I like in books. The first 300+ pages of the book a build-up and then - BOOM - there's a cliffhanger. Huh?!I did like the way this novel was written. But I think the characters and plot could've been more developed. (Daniel has this amazing ability to somehow live eternally and all he does is obsess over Sophia. He could've at least written a book about it.)In conclusion: I loved the overall concept and set-up, but the execution could've (and should've) definitely been better. Still, it's a fast and easy enough read if you're looking for something light. It just wasn't really for me. If there ever comes a sequel (there are rumors but no concrete plans at this point), I think I would read the summary.