Just One Day

Just One Day - Gayle Forman (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot.)Please be warned that this won't be an actual review, as much as a heartfelt rant. I'm at loss for words and yet I have so many to describe how I feel.I read the raving reviews, I was familiar with Gayle Forman's work, I knew I would absolutely love this book... and yet I wasn't prepared for it. I wasn't expecting it to be haunting and beautiful and so very relatable. I wasn't prepared to feel so connected to Allyson, so curious about what happened to Willem and so in awe with Forman's writing. I wasn't expected to fall in love in such a short time. But like Allyson, I did. And like Allyson, I know this won't just be falling in love, but being in love.If you go into this story expecting a cute romance, you will be disappointed. This book centers around romance in an entirely different way, a way that won't leave you satisfied in the same way, but with a deep, intense, breathless feeling instead. Something that's impossible to grasp, and equally impossible to describe in words. I'm sorry if this review doesn't tell you ANYTHING about this book. It's pretty obvious I'm making up for my being at loss for words with as many words as I can find. But that's what Just One Day did to me. And what it did to me was amaze me.Allyson's journey to self-discovery is raw and pure and oh so relatable. It's not like I feel like I am Allyson. Because I'm not. Our lives are completely different. But I think that I understand exactly how she feels. Change the personal factors and I believe you're left with the story of every adolescent's life. The story of finding yourself and fighting for the right to be yourself, even if it's a struggle. No, when it's a struggle. Because it is. But all you can do is hope that it's worth it. This is how I think Allyson feels and with everything she does and everything she realizes throughout the story, I felt so completely connected to her, dark times and false hope included.No matter how many beautiful places Allyson visits, the most beautiful journey in this book was the way she went from feeling over the moon to completely ruined to somewhat reinvented to stronger than she's ever been. It was something I loved to watch. Of course, Forman didn't fail to add a fabulous cast of characters and other aspects to this journey. I loved the Giant and Wren and mostly: Dee! I loved the Dutch words (they made me a little giddy and suddenly, very nationalistic) and Amsterdam and Utrecht and Paris, because I could see them in front of me so clearly. I loved Allyson. And I have faith in Willem. Just One Year can't be here soon enough!I can't guarantee that you will love this book, for it was not a book as much as a personal story for me. I also can't describe what exactly it is that I loved about this book. Just One Day didn't ruin me like Mara Dyer, or make me gasp like Pivot Point. It was more than that. It was that calm understanding feeling you get when you're around the people that know you - the real you - and people you can truly be yourself with. Every feeling, action and realization in this story reminded me of that feeling. And therefore, to me, it was perfect. I don't know why, but this story fit me perfectly. I can't promise you that you'll love it or will be able to relate to it as much as I did, but I can promise you that (whether you read and loved If I Stay and Where She Went, or not) you will see the quality of Forman's work in this beautiful story.ps. I wrote this review JUST after I finished the book. These are my first thoughts, so forgive me if they were a little (or a lot) incoherent.