Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - (As reviewed on my blog, Paper Riot.)First thoughtsGreat characters, interesting story, lots of drama. All the "baby" and "siren" talk was getting on my nerves, though.More thoughtsAfter the rollercoaster ride that was Pushing the Limits, I had to take a deep breath. I had to put the book down and let it all sink in before writing about it. Because while I was expecting this book to be intense, it was far more emotional than I had realized. Stories about broken teens trying to glue the pieces of their lives back together tend to get to me, but the difference with Pushing the Limits was that the two main characters, Echo and Noah, were such real, colorful and well-rounded characters; and their problems were so dark and haunting. It was impossible to not be captivated by this book.Like I said, Noah and Echo were great characters. They were nothing like me, and yet I could relate to them perfectly. Their problems were real. The mystery surrounding Echo's scars and the fear of her memories, but also the determination she had to find out what exactly had happened to her made me fall in love with her. Her story was probably the darker and the more haunting of the two, and I was eager to find out what had happened to her. But Noah's story wasn't light either. He was loyal to his friends and he fought for his brothers and would do anything to keep them safe, which almost made me cry. * I have two younger brothers and like Noah, I'd do anything to protect them. Plus, the way he was trying to cope with his parents' death hurt my heart.The romance may have been the aspect I was the least invested in, but not because it wasn't good. The chemistry was good, and I like how these characters really made each other grow and understood each other so perfectly, despite being different. I really did root for them to be together and boy, were there some steamy scenes. But the way Noah talked about Echo, described her, nicknamed her, didn't feel right to me. I cannot imagine any eighteen-year-old guy referring to his girlfriend as his "siren" or his "nymph". Another thing was that there was too much "baby"-ing. This may be a personal thing, but it annoyed me and it made me cringe.But despite the nicknaming, I feel like I really got to know these characters, really got to care about them, and that was what made me so emotionally invested in this story. But that also may have had something to do with the side characters, who were just as amazing. (I love Beth, so I can't wait to read Dare You To.) McGarry has managed to write a book that's easy to get invested in, and still hard to deal with. It was emotional, thrilling, intense, heartwarming, captivating, and any other adjective that fits into that category. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I would highly recommend it to people who can't get enough of the drama.