Forgotten - Cat Patrick (Full review can be found on my blog, Paper Riot. More 3.5 stars.)Do you know that book you wish had been built up more slowly. Me neither. But still that was the first thing I thought after finishing Forgotten. Don't get me wrong: I like fast-paced, action-packed books as much as the next person, but Forgotten felt unnecessarily rushed. Thanks to the quick pacing and short chapters (I like short chapters a lot.) I finished this book in no time, but for me, it felt like there was something missing... and too much of something else.Let's start with what I liked about this book: the concept was so unique and intriguing! Okay, maybe there were a few moments where I thought, hey, this is like 50 First Dates. (Thank goodness without the slapstick.) But it was younger, a little darker and definitely more clever than that. Forgotten is about a girl whose memory is erased every night at the same time (Drew Barrymore, anyone?) but she also remembers her future instead of her past. And as someone who loves mysterious, psychologically thrilling stories (you know, books with stolen memories and main characters who are mentally damaged so you cannot trust what you're reading?) this intrigued me a lot.I was afraid that the way London's brain works might be confusing, but Cat Patrick worked it out really well. It never felt unreal to me and it was very easy to follow. And I would have loved this book if London's memories were the focus of the story. But instead, the book focused on the romance, and that's where it went wrong. For me, at least. Because this book suffered from one thing, a thing that's my biggest turn off in a book, and that's insta love. I don't care how cute I thought London and Luke were in the second part of the story: the first time they met London called the guy "perfect" and "heavenly" in the first two minutes. I was forced to roll my eyes.And as much as I loved the concept of London's memory loss, having to read what she thinks of Luke everytime she meets him was a little tiring. (Come on, the guy can't be that perfect.) It caused a lot of eye rolling. Since the romance was the main focus, Forgotten lost a lot of intensity that could have been. There were some tough issues that I didn't feel got the amount of description and emotional background they deserved. It could have been a very emotionally packed read, and I was a little disappointed that it wasn't, because all the ingredients were there: mysterious memory loss, secrets, a dark backstory...I even would have been fine with the romance being the main focus, had it been better worked-out, but I can't help but think of insta love as something completely and utterly unbelievable. (Yes, this is coming from someone who thinks dragons in a book are a good thing.) And unfortunately, the emotional development of the characters seemed to be tied to the romance, and I was a bit disappointed. I still really enjoyed Forgotten. It was a very quick read and an enjoyable book and you should definitely check it out when you have the chance. But it wouldn't have suffered from more detailed explanations and fifty more pages to be formed. Fifty more pages at the beginning of the book, obviously.